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    Debbie Racey


    We are actually looking to implement these type of options on the Evaluator's notepad; see this related Enhancement Idea:

    Are you asking for the options on the notepad or are you looking for formatting in another area?

    Thank you,




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    Janet Gavigan

    Debbie, I wrote this when I had created a document in WORD where I had bolded, underlined, and used color in a few spots. I then took the WORD document and copy and pasted it into a 90-day Review task in an Evaluator Notes box. When it copied into it, the bolding, underlining and color were gone. All the text was there and certainly the mission accomplished just without the formatting. I was just surprised the formatting didn't come into the box with it.

    I do hope you are able to enhance things. I have seen other enhancements which have been helpful.

    Janet L. Gavigan

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