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    Tonyia Cooper


    I'm sorry no one has contacted you yet.  One of our customer support agents will do so on Monday.

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    Debbie Racey


    I do apologize as well for our delay in response. I hope to answer your question for you, but if below doesn't help please let us know.

    Depending on where you put your goal, here are ways you can edit it.

    1. Goal is entered in a Task on the Task List
    • If the Task HAS NOT been completed - click into the notebox where you entered the goal to begin editing it.
    • Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_7.15.43_AM.png
    • If the Task HAS been marked complete - click the button that says Completed (see below) to get a pop-up box. Then, click Yes, Mark Incomplete. Doing this allows you to edit any of the noteboxes, reason being is that when a task is marked complete it becomes Read Only.
      • Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_7.06.30_AM.png
      • Once you have done this, then go to the notebox where you would like to edit the text and click into it just like noted above when the task wasn't marked complete.
  • Goal is entered on the Goals tab
    • Click into the text of the Goal and it will allow you to edit it
    • Screen_Shot_2015-11-23_at_7.11.46_AM.png

    If you would like to reply to this, you will need to click on the link in the email to open up the Help Desk to enter your reply into the form. Replying to the email will not update the conversation stream.

    I hope that this helps, but if it does not please let us know. We look forward to helping you again in the future.

    Thank you,





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