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    Debbie Racey


    If I'm understanding your need when you say "show self assessment to evaluator", this is currently a feature that exists and is in the hands of the Evaluatee's at your district.

    When the Evaluatee has filled in their Self Assessment, they can choose to share it with their Evaluator by clicking the "Share with Evaluator" button (see below). If they choose to do that, then the Evaluator will receive an email letting them know it has been shared with them and to log in. 


    NOTE: There is another way to setup a Self Assessment, though it is a district decision, in that when the Evaluatee marks the Self-Assessment complete it would automatically share the Self-Assessment with the Evaluator. Your district, Yakima, currently isn't setup this way.

    When the Self-Assessment is shared and the Evaluator logs in, navigate to the Self Assessment for that Evaluatee and now there is a 'View Evaluation' button and a 'shared' icon that displays on the Self Assessment task (see below).


    Here is a Help Center article on the Self Evaluation Form - Navigating, Completing, Sharing, Printing, that might help answer questions in how the Self Assessment works.

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