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    Debbie Racey


    Looking at the task setup in your district's database both EvaluaTOR and EvaluaTEE can edit the 'Notes 2' task. This would mean it isn't comparable to the Observation and the Walk-Throughs tasks as both of those are setup to only be editable by the EvaluaTOR. Is this how it was intended to have the 'Notes 2' task be setup, for both parties to be able to edit any of the note boxes?

    As a general rule on the Summary, if an Evaluation task is editable by the the EvaluaTEE then we see it as a 'Self-Evaluation' as this was the original use of an Evaluation task when an EvaluaTEE is able to edit it. 

    Evaluation tasks weren't designed to be editable by both the EvaluaTOR and EvaluaTEE at the same time as there is no logging system in the notes boxes if both can edit, which opens up the potential for an EvaluaTOR and EvaluaTEE to edit each others notes. So we created the ability a 'Commentary' option that either can turn on an Evaluation task (a task the user can edit) for then the other to comment in a separate note box. However, this doesn't include the Notepad that something you think needs to be also accessible through the 'Commentary' option?

    I hope this helps clarify. However if you have further questions, want to suggest a change, or see the need to change anything in your district's setup please let us know.

    Thank you,


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