SBA Interim Assessment Block (IAB) Extract from ORS and AutoLoader Procedure




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    Lorie Macfarlane

    ORS added an additional 'Report Type' option and is no longer defaulting to "Student Data" and allowing for an Excel download.  I've updated the instructions above to reflect the change.  Please let me know if you have any question.

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    Penny Mcgrath

    This worked like a charm, Lorie. Thank you!!

    Penny McGrath, Selah

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    Will there be item level data for these any time in the near future?

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    Debbie Racey


    Sorry for the delay in response. I checked in with our folks that worked on the IAB auto-loader asked your question. I was told:

    "Yes, we've had districts requesting this data. The only place though we know that it's [item level data] available from ORS is in a format totally different than what gets pulled for the auto loader. I don't believe it can be built into the auto-load process, but possible with prep time it could be manually uploaded. Has the district seen it available in ORS? If so, could they send us samples of what format it can be extracted [send to]?"

    Thank you,


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